Friday, September 29, 2006

here is a robe that i have done for my nephew letson also. i thought it was pretty cute!! Posted by Picasa

here are a few of my recently monogrammed items. i'm finally starting to get the hang of things. it's just very time consuming when you're a beginner...and of course i'm always spending my time with brady cole. i usually have to wait til he falls asleep to work on projects. so, here are a few things, but i have more burp cloths and baby stuff to come, so i'll just keep sharing in the future....

as you can see i have some beanies for baby trevor, brady a new halloween burp cloth, and lexi lou a new scarf.
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NOT SO HAPPY! Posted by Picasa

HAPPY Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


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big man enjoying the exersaucer

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

fat baby....BRADY

check out the belly on this boy!!!these pictures were taken right after he finished eating. buger decided that we needed a close up. that protruding belly is quite funny to me. that boy will just keep eating and eating sometimes. i think he's going through a growth spurt right now. i do believe he's getting plenty to eat. you would think the little terd would be so full he wouldn't wake up,but he still proceeds to wake his mommy up around 4am for a diaper change and snack!! that's okay though.......
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enjoying his carrier

this picture was taken last night.....big man and daddy had to walk around the house and show me how they walked to visit neighbors yesterday....... Posted by Picasa

more slobbery pictures

but, dressing up that slobbery jumper w/ his cool new mossy oak hat that his aunt shelly bought him......... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 17, 2006

enjoying some tummy time

and the drooling continues........... Posted by Picasa


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enjoying his rice cereal from a spoon

even though the pediatrician says he's not supposed to get cereal until 4 months....oopss....he's gettin it (even from a spoon). he's lovin every minute of it too. he can't wait for a couple more weeks until he starts getting those fruits and veggies. i think he'll really enjoy those. he was a tired little fella in these pictures, so i'll have to try and get some better ones to let everyone know how well he does enjoy it. he definitely makes a mess. when i pick him up to go get in the bathtub, the cereal usually some how finds its way to his back. it gets everywhere......... Posted by Picasa

our little slobber box

excuse all the drool on the big man's t-shirt. we usually don't let him get like this, but he was ecstatic over all those cool football plays he had been watching and droolin in hopes of getting a bite of those yummy bbq ribs that his daddy cooked........ Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 11, 2006

cousin coden's 1st birthday party

these are some cute pictures from coco's party. as you can see, he was enjoying the cake and brother camden was enjoying the party too!!!! Posted by Picasa

grandaddy, camden, aunt stacey, and coden

granny and brady cole Posted by Picasa

brady cole visiting with abbey and jessica....

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FINE FELLAS...........


3 month pictures

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busy weekend....

okay, this past weekend was quite busy. brady cole had his first road trip to birmingham, in which he did quite well. him was a good little boy!!! saturday, buger and grandaddy went to the bama game while the big man and me went to my nana's to learn how to use my new monogramming machine. it was fun, exciting, and maybe just a tad bit overwhelming, but i can't wait to get started monogramming all kinds of stuff. i just have to practice a little first.
saturday afternoon... aunt shelly, brady cole, and me then went to visit some friends. we stopped by my friend jennifer's to visit her little boys. we had fun and i enjoyed holding those little precious babies. i even got to feed those sweet things. i think austin enjoyed me the best, or maybe it just seemed that way because i had a tendency to hold that little terd knocker a little longer since he didn't want to be put down. he's just a little spoiled.... i do believe!!! they are absolutely adorable. anyways, aiden, austin, jenn and rj are doing well and we enjoyed visiting them. brady loved his new buddies. can't wait to see them again.......... pictures from the visit will come later.....
after visiting w/ jenn and the boys, we were on to the next stop which was my friend abbey's house. there we got to visit with abbey and my friend jessica too. thanks for driving over to visit jessie!!! it was fun, and brady cole enjoyed visiting with his mommy's from this visit will also come later......
after that visit, we then went back to aunt shelly's house to spend the night and staci came to visit. no pictures, but staci is looking cute sporting her little growing belly. i wish i had a picture to post. she's really grown since the previous pictures. little trevor is growing fast, and will be here before we know it....
so that's saturday in a nut shell!!!
onto sunday..........
we took brady cole to have his first professional pictures done, which are precious!! he was pretty good for the first set of poses, but then wanted to throw him a little fit after we changed his clothes. needless to say, we just got pictures in one outfit and a few naked ones.....they will be posted later today also.
after the picture studio we had lunch with uncle brad and aunt shelly and then we headed south again.....
on the way back, we stopped by at uncle clint and aunt stacey's house in jemison for cousin coden's first birthday fun!!! precious pictures to come of the birthday boy......
we finally returned home last night after another eventful was a great wk/end and thank the lord brady cole was a good boy for the ride!!! sweet baby only fussed when him was hungry. and that pretty much sums up our busy weekend!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

i can't resist this smile....makes me wanna eat this boy up!!! Posted by Picasa