Wednesday, January 31, 2007

brady cole loved the fact that his daddy had arrived home from hunting, but wanted his daddy to continue bouncing him on the bed! he obviously was not ready to take a picture @ the moment.

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and the all time famous butt-crack smile.....

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laid back little man

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blue airheads are the best!

this is big man after his papoo let him lick on a blue airhead. yep, he loved it, and even cried when we had to take it away from him...........
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Sunday, January 28, 2007

eatin socks!

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more appliques.......... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 27, 2007

my latest applique for brady cole Posted by Picasa

chunka chunka burnin love!

so, here's baby cousin gettin some sleep in his swing. he looks oh soooo pleasantly plump in this picture. i thought the "chins" were cute. definitely lookin like his daddy though! Posted by Picasa

another cute one!

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here are some more cute pictures that i have taken lately. i love that little look on his face in this top picture. such a silly boy. he really cracks me up with all of the faces. he now thinks that he should stay in the bathtub for hours and wants to pitch him a fit when i have to get him out. he loves it sooooo much and just splashes around and makes noises and of course goofy faces like the one that you see here.

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pictures from our photo shoot today before we headed out in the cold rainy weather to go eat @ granna and papoos!!!

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just couldn't take anymore........

poor baby just fell over last night when we were out eating dinner. he just couldn't last another minute and decided that he'll just use his high chair as his head prop. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

silly boy eatin his lotion Posted by Picasa

still trying

not really any progress lately other than the fact that he likes to travel backwards....still just gettin mad @ himself after a couple a minutes of trying to push up and actually move, so he just decides to flip over or just scoot around. he says that it's much easier and of course less effort. Posted by Picasa

standing @ his table

for only about a minute or even a few seconds sometimes before he plops down on his behind wanting someone to pick him up. he can only stand up to the table w/ a little help and then he holds on while i'm usually on standby for a crash and fall or even the bumping of his head on the table. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 21, 2007

brady cole and his blankie

this is his new favorite thing in the whole world right now......his blankie. he just has to have this thing when he's ready for night night. it just makes things "all better" in a matter of seconds if you hand this boy his blankie. it's amazing how it works. we only had one until this wk/end, but luckily we found another one just like it @ stein mart yesterday. Posted by Picasa

mommy's 2 men

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eatin @ mcguire's

we left for destin yesterday morning and got back late this afternoon. we just wanted a short "getaway" since buger was off of work saturday and sunday from the fire station, so we chose destin. it was lots of fun and we got plenty of shopping and good eating in while we were there for a short time. here we are eating @ mcguire's irish pub last night. this little boy loves the camera!!!!!
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Friday, January 19, 2007

brady cole while we were out eating with aunt shelly and baby cousin letson tonight. he loves his baby cousin, but i think he thinks he's a toy because he seems to treat him and elmo the same. i'm sure he'll learn pretty soon and be catching on once letson gets a little bigger.. it's so cute to watch him around him though. he starts giggling @ letson's little grunts and movements and it's so cute to see him get so excited when he sees him. Posted by Picasa

here are a few more monogrammed things that i have done. i haven't posted any in a while, because i haven't done all that much or have just forgotten to take pictures of what i did. anyways, here are my latest things that i have pictures of. i'll have to share more later. i know more babies coming pretty soon, so i need to be getting busy. i'll remember to take pictures. i'm gonna start a blog for my stuff when i get around to it, but for now......i'm doing good to post pictures on my personal blog of our little man.

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