Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"mommy, i made da play room perdy!"


luckily, it was sidewalk chalk and washed right off :)
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our new ride for the water


we recently got a new boat and i don't have a picture of it, but this is a few shots of the two boat rides that we've enjoyed in the past week. i know ya'll are probably thinking, you're pregnant and not supposed to be on a boat. i promise we're not jumping waves in the gulf of mexico, we just cruise around at pretty much idle speed and just enjoy the "slow" ride. i actually think i'm probably bumped around riding in the car more than a boat. brady cole loves it and we've been enjoying so far.
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best buddies



this past saturday, we enjoyed bc's buddy caden's b'day party at the waterfront park. it was nice and they really had a good time. they enjoyed feeding the seagulls the bread off of the pier and i'm sure the fish enjoyed it too. brady cole and caden are really big buddies and have been to school together since brady cole was 9 mths. caden recently moved up into the 3 yr old class and brady cole has not been doing well with the change. he was crying every day, but he's doing better now. he starts moving up to that room on may the 19th, so not too much longer. i don't know if we'll ever be able to seperate these two for long.
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Friday, April 17, 2009

going public......

well, i guess!!! many people already know of our exciting news, but brady cole is going to be a big brother! we're very excited and so is he. some days he doesn't mention it all, but others he will wear you out talking about it and feeling of my belly. i think he really just wants to be like cousin (letson) and have a baby around. i think he's going to be a great big brother and hopefully a big help. i've been pretty darn yucky feeling this go round even before i knew we were having a baby. at times last week and the week before were a little rough at work, but i made it. peppermint seems to help! it's very unpredictable of when it's going to occur too. i'm always a little yucky feeling in the afternoons, but yesterday and today have been pretty good. maybe it's getting better, or at least that's what i'm telling myself. i'm just not used to this b/c i didn't skip a beat with brady cole. i was just a fat and happy pregnant woman. i know they're all different though. we're not finding out what this baby is going to be either. it might be a little tough at times, but we're sticking to it. we don't care...either way! i'm just kinda getting into a neutral frame of mind for now and we'll know for sure in november! have a great weekend......

Sunday, April 12, 2009

huntin' eggs




this afternoon, everyone came to our house for some good bbq and more egg huntin'. letson and brady cole loved finding those easter eggs. letson beat brady cole in the number of eggs b/c if brady cole couldn't shake the egg and hear coins rattle in it, he didn't want it. what a stinker? and speaking of bbq, can you tell who snuck up on the table and ate her brothers and little cousins food when we weren't looking? yep, that's my little girl. looks like she enjoyed it too!!!!
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happy easter





after church this morning we took a couple of pictures before we all changed clothes. in the first two you can tell that somebody was not in the mood for pictures at the moment.i think he just didn't want to stand still long enough. he was so wired up on sugar and had alreay eaten tons of starburst and starburst jelly beans by 11:00. i thinks that's why it took him almost 2 hrs after laying down for a nap to actually fall asleep.
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easter bunny visit




the easter bunny dropped of brady cole some goodies at our house after making a big mess over all his carrots that we left him on our front sidewalk. brady cole got him a new beach bag filled with a new swimsuit, swim shoes, new spring/summer clothes, sand toys and a little bit of candy. i think he's all ready for the beach now. the easter bunny even stopped off at yai yai and pawpaw's and dropped off even more goodies, but it was a wagon for the beach that will be perfect to put all his stuff in and pull out to the sand.
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strawberry festival and dying easter eggs




grandaddy came down and spent the wk/end, so after our egg hunt yesterday morning, we went to the strawberry festival in loxley. it was a beautiful day to be outside and enjoy the weather, so we just walked around and checked everything out. they also had rides and games for the kiddies and the top picture shows buger and brady cole having a little fun on the "fun slide."
last night we enjoyed dying some easter eggs. brady cole was all into dying the eggs and was a complete mess when we were done. i really had to do some good scrubing on him in the tub last night.
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church easter egg hunt at the sports plex



saturday morning we started our day out by hunting easter eggs. brady cole and his little buddy caden had a great time. as you can tell, there were more than enough eggs to go around. they had softball fields filled up with eggs everywhere. they had fields for different age groups and there were kids everywhere. lots of fun!!!!!!
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Thursday, April 02, 2009

sweet little lynleigh kate!!





here are a couple of pictures of this precious little niece of mine...don't you think? i know some of you are very anxious for here you go. she was born this morning at 8:35 and is doing very well and so are mom, dad and letson. she looks bigger than 6 lbs 12oz too. she's adorable and might favor her brother a little bit, but not too much. she definitely looks like a little girl. i'll try to post some more pictures tomorrow afternoon.
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brady cole and mommy


staci, trevor and staci's buddy sarah were down for a visit last wk/end. of course i didn't get any pictures to prove it, but staci did take this picture of me and my buddy while we were having dinner friday night at cosmo's.
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chuck e cheese



we had a little family outing yesterday to pensacola to do a little shopping a quick trip to chuck e cheese for some pizza and games.
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