Tuesday, December 30, 2008

helping kaka make homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Tis the Season of JOY

hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. sorry for all of the posting, but i was a little behind and still have many more pictures to post, so stay tuned. we've had a pretty busy week and my aunt/uncle and grandparents have been down visiting at my parent's house since monday. we'll be getting together with buger's family soon. it's so hard to make the trip to birmingham now during christmas, so we celebrate after christmas with them. have a great weekend......

santa was good to brady cole




brady cole's big things from santa were his bicycle that he asked for numerous times, table and chairs and matching book case. he got excited when he saw everything and some of his first comments were..."holy mokes" and "my like that bicycle."
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getting ready for santa




after we got home from aunt shelly's house, brady cole was excited about putting cookies out for santa on his new plate that kaka and dayle bought us. he was so cute getting it ready. buger wasn't home at the time b/c he was working at the station, but after brady cole went to sleep he got to come home for a couple of hours and then had to go back to the station for the rest of the night. he was back home the next morning in enough time to see brady cole wake up and check out his "pesents" though. when buger came home for a couple of hrs to play santa, he decided that santa needed some milk, so he put a little milk in santa's mug and laid it on it's side to make it look like santa spilt his milk. little did we know that it was going to be a huge hit the next morning. brady cole thought that was the funniest thing ever and had to tell everybody that day that "santa pilt his milk" and he is still talking about it.
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Christmas Eve




the past two years we have gone to brad and shelly's on christmas eve to eat chilli and have birthday cake in celebration of letson's birthday. this year we let the boys open gifts that they got one another, eat their chilli/birthday cake, get baths and put their cute matching jammies on that yaiyai and paw paw bought them in an attempt to get cute pictures. as you can see it didn't work. they wanted to roll around in the floor and do flips over letson's chair instead. isn't that what kids do though? they're really funny and entertaining.
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eating his "queen" soup




and making a huge mess i must say. i got him some campbell's soup that has lightening mcqueen noodles in it and he loved it. he was driving the noodles and making the race car sound as he drove them in his mouth. whatever works. he's pretty picky when he comes to eating sometimes, so i'm glad we can add "queen soup" as he calls it to our list.
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tacky Christmas party


this year i decided to have a party at my house for people in the radiology dept at the hospital and from the imaging center. i'm not posting many pictures, and especially of me, b/c i was pretty darn tacky. i'm just posting this picture of my buddies laura and tisha.i thought it was a cute picture and they were probably two of the tackiest. we had a great time getting together, being "tacky" and playing dirty santa. we'll have to do it again next year. i'm thinking the theme for next year will be a redneck Christmas.
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santa pictures



this is his third one with santa, and it's the best so far. not the best smile in the world, but we'll take it.
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enjoying the Christmas boat parade

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happy 2nd b'day cousin


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since letson was born on Christmas Eve, we celebrated his birthday on the 13th this year. he had a really cute circus theme birthday party that a clown came to. the kid's loved her and she had lots of fun things for them to do. happy birthday "cuuzzziN" as brady cole would say.

i've been tagged

so, i guess i'll play along. i was hoping to come across an infant picture of brady cole like some people have when they have been tagged, but those are all saved on our desk top computer and i do blogging from the lap top. and yes,i realize that was 2 1/2 years ago now. our little boy is getting so big. buger and i were looking at a video of his first christmas last night. he was only 6 mths old then and it's so crazy to think about how much he has changed. the above picture was the 4th one in my 4th folder that i didn't crop or edit. don't you notice the people in the background? it was taken back in may while brady cole and letson were playing on the beach.
i'm tagging jessica hall, jana gallego, christie mitchell and carrie tyson.

Monday, December 01, 2008

more pictures



i finally got around to coming to aunt shelly's house and getting pictures scanned in if you can't tell. here's two more that we had made about 2 mths ago that i really liked.
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new beach pictures



i'm not sharing them all on the blog. christmas cards will be coming out soon!!!!!!!!!
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new school pictures


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