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Sunday, June 24, 2007

cute boys


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very close....

to mastering his walk is what is shown in the top picture. sometimes he'll just stand up and take off walking (approx 8 to 9 steps )before falling or either reaching his destination. and other times, he just prefers crawling because he knows it's much faster.....
the bottom picture shows him on the way home from waterville. ya think we wore him out????

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first trip to waterville

we took brady cole to waterville for the first time yesterday. we all had a good time. the lazy river was nice for me and buger, but brady cole on the ther hand, thought the lazy river was for swimming and not for laying on a float. as long as he can be in the water or occupied by playing on a slide or even playing on this fun pirate ship that they had for the kiddies, then he's just fine and loving every minute of it.he even enjoyed the wave pool with us. laying on a float or just being still just isn't his thing these days. we'll definitely have to take him back again this summer. it was lots of fun for all of us and it's only 15 minutes away. dada just wish brady cole was big enough for the big fun slides.

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busy little bee

as you can obviously see, this little boy is just busy!!!! this is our typical morning when dada's at the fire station. he's so silly!!! i'm usually in the midst of getting ready for work while he climbs in and out of the cabinets, gets all the toilet paper off the roll and constantly turns the water on and off @ our tub. all the toys in the world to keep him occupied and he chooses to do these things............

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

sweet little man


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loving his new ball pit


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what an innocent looking face


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testing mama


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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Yesterday we enjoyed the hot air ballon festival in Foley. The weather was nice and pretty, but man, it's hot!!! Gotta stay near some water when you're down here. Brady Cole loved checking out those biggo balloons and of course the strawberry ice cream that his YaiYai let him have.

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Brady and Miss Katie

We met up w/ my dear friend Katie who I went to radiology school with on Friday night. She was down vacationing from B'ham, so we enjoyed a night out @ Lulu's and then she and her sister came by our new house to visit w/ us some more. Brady Cole was lovin the attention he was getting too!!!

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Happy Father's Day "DA DA"

This picture was taken last week when we were all feeling well. I've felt pretty darn rotten with some sort of bug this past week from mon-thurs. Brady Cole went for his 1 year appointment on Wednesday and we found out he has a terrible ear infection in his left ear, but is weighing in @ 23 1/4 lbs and 30 inches long and doing well in all other aspects. Yesterday, Buger came down with the same crap that I have had this week, and has done nothing more than rest on this Sunday. Needless to say we've all had our fair share of feeling rotten this week and hopefully dada is on his way to recovery too! Maybe this next week will be a better week for us. Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!

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tylenol or motrin?

he knew it was time for one or the other....

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Friday, June 08, 2007

modeling his new skib!!!!!


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for all you moms who like snazzy things for your babies

no, it's not a's a SKIB!!! aren't these the cutest things? after shopping today at the wharf, i just had to buy brady cole one of these. and why didn't i think of this? so easy!! you can check them out @ em'!!!!!!!!!

a step back in time

i'm a little behind on this picture, but i just got around to getting it scanned. it was done at the hospital in the beginning of may in order to raise money for relay for life.......i thought it turned out to be a cute one of our munchkin!!!

more 1 year pictures as promised from last wk


i realized that i never posted his party invitation, so here it is!! i'm working on the thank yous and realized that i had this proof of the invitation on my computer at work, so i figured i would share with the people who didn't get to see it......i thought it was pretty cute!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Birthday Ride on the Ferris Wheel

we went to dinner @ rafters tonight @ the wharf w/ our neighbors, so afterwards the birthday boy got to enjoy his first ride on the ferris wheel. you can't really tell that we were on a ferris wheel, but i tried taking pictures anyway. the bottom picture is after returning home and him playing in the tub.....such a silly boy that just can't get enough of that water. he would turn into a prune every night if i would let him.
can't believe that my baby is a year old already. that just seems so crazy to me. it's been a wonderful year packed full of memories and we look forward to many many more with our precious son. we're so blessed to have such a sweet little brady cole....or i should say sweet most of the time. one of those back teeth finally broke through the night before last, so he's been a pleasure to be around the past 2 days. those teeth sure have been bothering him though.
he is just so entertaining with his dance moves and i don't know where he gets all of his shakin from. it's hilarious!!! still not actually walking yet, but i really think he could do it if he would just go for it. he can take like 2...maybe 3 steps at a time before he realizes what he's doing and then just gracefully squats back down to the floor. i think he's just gonna take off runnin one day and then i'll be wishin he would just squat back down.  

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