Monday, April 21, 2008

playing w/ trevor


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almost forgot

since big man had 7 ear infections in the last 10 mths, we finally got tubes this past tuesday. i'm glad that it's behind us and over with and hopefully we don't have to get those antibiotics for ear infections anymore. he's done really well ever since and is wild as ever. i think i can actually tell a difference in the way he feels. it seems like he has so much more energy and runs everywhere he goes. he is wide open!!!!!

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such a big boy...except for the paci!!!

he's doing so good w/ his "big boy bed!" i actually think he sleeps better in it rather than his crib. i think he will be an official big boy when he is fully potty trained and don't have his paci anymore. he's doing so good w/ the potty training. he's been going w/ dry diapers throughout the night since he was 17mths. he pretty much uses the potty every morning and averages 1 to 2 other times during the day. he does lots better when he's at school rather than at home, b/c he likes being like the other kids. we're not pushing the issue quite yet, but when he wants to use it, we don't mind! now the paci, that it a different story. we really only like for him to have for nap time and at night and ever since we started trying that, he ask for it a whole lot more. i think that actually makes it worse. any suggestions? i just don't want it to mess his mouth up. buger and i joke around and say that he's gonna have it when he goes to kindergarten along w/ his night night (blanket) too. hopefully that won't be the case, so for now, we'll just give him what he wants.

better late than never

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

more pictures to come....hopefully soon!!! brady cole has a new spiffy outfit thanks to nana and pawpaw that he can't wait to show everyone how good he looks in it and we have other pictures too. american idol is on and it's bed time for someone, so of course the blogging is over for today. until next time......

beach bums

on Good Friday we all had the day off, so we had lunch w/ rhett, jana and pierce at bahama bob's on the beach before they headed back to b'ham. here are a few pictures of our lil dude playing on the beach. he would have gotten in the freezing cold water if we would let him. there is no doubt that this lil guy is ALL BOY. bless me.........oh but i love every minute of it and would take about 10 more just like him.

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hanging out at lulu's

rhett, jana and pierce came down the wk before easter and we got to hang out a couple of times and had a good time. we went to lulu's the day of pierce's actual 1st b'day. i do believe he understands what to do when he hears "touchdown." what a cutie!!!!

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rough housing


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shakin his booty

while we were shopping and getting easter pictures made at the eastern shore center a couple of wks ago, i snapped this picture while walking down the sidewalk. he heard music and started breakin it down. and ohmygoodnesss........this child does not meet a stranger. i've been letting him walk a little bit when we go places if he promises to hold my hand or someone elses hand. if not, he will walk up to a complete stranger and say "hole me." he's so silly!

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having fun at skylar's 1st b'day


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cute man!

i've got quite a bit of pictures to post considering my last post was back in februrary, but just bare w/ me here. even though he's not smiling, i thought this was a cute picture that i took of him in the park one sunday about a month ago. he's talking soooo much these days. he's got a couple of 2 and 3 word phrases that he says pretty often plus he's learning new ones everyday. he can just about say anything i ask him to or at least he'll attempt repeating them back to me which can be pretty interesting.

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