Sunday, December 17, 2006

baby, it's not cold outside!!!

here are a few pictures from this afternoon. i promise, he was not freezing. it was in the 70's and sunshinin, so i thought we could have a little photo shoot on the beach. as you can see, big man was enjoying the sand. he doesn't rememeber the white stuff too well from last time he was out there, but really enjoyed that tasty stuff today. he had it everywhere and i barely got pictures before he had sand all over his face.

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jennifer said...

looks like he's enjoying the sand! i bet he can't wait until summertime!! he looks cute in his lil' santa hat!! i bet he cant wait for cousin letson to arrive! you will have to call me ang give me some updates!

*Staci* said...

He's THE BEST looking Santa in Gulf Shores that's for sure! Those pictures are too cute! you'll have to send me some. I can't wait to get all of the little guys on the beach!! Fun stuff! love ya